Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bloody Halloween 2009

So, Halloween was a bloody one this year.... at least in my house. First, the 12 year old wanted to be Jason (last minute idea) and by the grace of God, found a hockey mask and knife. Much to his chagrin, I was unable to find a machete. The nine year old wanted to be a vampire AGAIN. Except this year, she wanted to be a scary one. Unfortunately, she also wanted a cape WITH a hood. Seeing as one was not available in any discount OR thrift store, I had the daunting task of making one without a pattern. Luckily, though, I had a good sized piece of black velvet fabric at home. Guess that means there is one bright side to buying fabric you don't have any real need for or plans for anywhere in the near future. I think I bought that as a remnant well over a year ago. ANYWAYS, I was successful in the cape endeavor even though I had a battle of wills with the sewing machine. Maybe that's what I get for buying one and not taking it out of the box until the day I absolutely need to get something done. Either way, she loved the cape and it pulled a double shift on Saturday because I also wore it later that night (absolutely no pictures were taken of me and the cape). So, two down just one costume left....

The ten year old wanted to be a ZOMBIE, a zombie Lawyer to be exact. That definitely called for a trip to the thrift store. 'Cause let's face it, who wants to ruin a perfectly good suit (not that he had one) with a butt ton of fake blood. So, found a nasty yellow plaid button up shirt and a gray suit jacket (with flecks of pink, blue and purple too). Heaven help me, they did not look good together but he's a lawyer AND a zombie right? Only one thing left... a tie. I don't know that I have ever seen so many @$$ ugly ties in one place in my entire life. So, which do we pick out? This putrid pukish pink thing with some print I could not quite identify.

The kids get home from school and we show them the goods, 12 yr old is ecstatic over the mask and knife. 9 yr old is absolutely loving the cape and costume. 10 yr old gives me this WTF look. I make him try it on and explain that there's gonna be a TON of make up and some fake scar skin and blooooooooooooooood. He's loving it by then. So, trick or treat comes around and they are all in their costumed glory. "Jason" is scaring little kids and Vampira is still too cute and giggly to really pull off the fangs. Zombie Lawyer? He went above and beyond the "call of duty". He did the "zombie walk" to every house. He moaned "trick or treat" and even "have a nice day". He "zombie stumbled" off the porches and by the end of the night was zombie mumbling "If you need a lawyer, call me!"

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