Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crochet Hook size K travels with me

Crochet hook size K
I have no idea why it is in there at this moment unless one of my children was using it as a stylus for the DS.


Hemp Necklace
I took it off at the mall the other day and stuck it in my purse

Taylor Swift CD
I was listening to it at work.

Pink CD
I was listening to it at work.

Two ink pens
If I don't stick them in my puse when I leave work, they are not there when I return the next day.

Mary Kay Compact
So I can touch up my make up when I ever decide to wear any.

So, I can put it on and smell good.

Various Receipts
So I do not lose them.

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Hanna Banana said...

This post is in response to the question "What is in your purse?"