Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wrestler Moms??

Ok, so I know there are soccer moms out there but are there wrestling moms out there?? Jakes started wrestling about two weeks ago. His first time at practice, he had to go up against a girl. He didn't know what to do, lol. He was afraid to wrestle her for fear of hurting her and he unfortunately did not pin her. Of course, the other boys there start ribbing him like boys do because he got bested by a girl. After practice and as we are walking out, he is downtrodden about the whole thing. I never thought I would say to my son, "You have to treat her like one of the boys".

Somehow, that one sentence made something inside of his head click. I say this because at practice last night (mind you, we've only had two practices because of the LOVELY weather we had), Jakes had to wrestle another girl. I'm sitting there on the bench with Chris and Maddie watching and laughing when I realize "Oh ___, a girl. So, after they shake hands and start the match, I am cheering and shouting "Go for the legs! Go for the legs!' Apparently, the girls' mom was sitting right next to me.... tee hee.

Such an awesome moment. Almost as good as when Jakes threw his first perfect spiral in football (and I taught him how). YAY!!!

FYI, during the whole practice, Maddie and Chris are watching. Mads decides she wants to wrestle (it's fleeting and will pass). Although, that would be quite comical to watch. I say this because my daughter is such a flirt. She was smiling and giggling at the boys there. Chris only wants to wrestle because it looks like fun but he doesn't want to wrestle because he thinks it would hurt.

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