Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Greener Grass

I know it is only the beginning of February but.... isn't it spring yet? I am so tired of looking out my window, any window (the scenery doesn't change), and seeing the vast blinding white blanket of snow EVERYWHERE. My children have used up eight snow days or as they are referred to now "calamity days". They love snow days but at the same time realize that any more snow days will cut short their spring break and/or make their school year run longer into the summer.

I get an phone call at 5:30 this morning. It's that lovely automated "one call" saying school is on a two hour delay. I think, okay not a big deal. I can still take the kids to SchoolWatch (the before and after care) because their hours do not change during a delay. I just have to stop and get them something they can eat for breakfast at school. Get the kids up and tell them about the delay. No surprise to them. They were pretty sure last evening that school would be on a delay.

As we leave the house, I tell them we have to stop and get breakfast. More importantly, I wanted a mocha. When we arrive at the gas station/coffee shop, I order my coffee and the kids spread out to pick out what they want for breakfast. I guess I should add that normally my children eat breakfast at school and it is provided ny the school. Anyways, the barrista and I are chatting about school when she mentions that they announced school had closed a few moments ago. I could not believe it. I get out the trusty cell and call my SchoolWatch lady. She confirms school just closed.

I pay for my coffee, go round up my children and tell them the breaking news. Again, they were not terribly surprised. We pack up in the car and head back to the house where I have to make alternate plans for my day.

I'd love to go visit the greener grass on the other side. Sadly, I cannot manage to locate ANY grass right now.

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