Monday, February 2, 2009

The Frozen Can

I remember loving, LOVING snow as a kid. Couldn't wait for a ton of snow to fall and school to be closed. Now, as an adult? I hate it!! I don't like driving in the snow.. or the ice.. or the freezing rain. I don't like shoveling my driveway in the morning and evening (because if I don't, I WILL get stuck). I realize how much frozen precipitation (no matter how pretty) can throw the biggest wrench in my schedule.

Until it happens, you don't really think about all the possible things that can go wrong. I don't mean getting stuck in the snow because as I stated before, for me that is a given. I don't mean slipping on the ice, which by the way can be fun especially when you have an big yellow lab on the other end of the leash. I mean things like my trash can literally encased in ice on my back patio.

Trash night at my house is Sunday night. So, last night I am dragging the cans through the snow and ice out to the curb. I go back for that one lone trash can, grab it and it will not move. I think, OK kick the ice around the bottom of the can to break it, right? Well, sort of. I broke something all right, the bottom of the trash can. Did not damage the ice in any way, shape or form. Ok, what else? Beat the crap out of the ice with a snow shovel!! Should have remembered that my aim is not top notch. I hit the trash can and put another hole in the bottom of it. At this point, my hands are frozen and I am at my wits end. I GIVE UP!! I go inside and decide that even though I still have a full trash can on my back patio, it is too cold outside for it to start smelling. Right??