Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Dentist

Met the new dentist Wednesday and I must say I was impressed. He is very personable and my kids loved him, all three of them. Of course, Chris is up first and surprise, surprise he needs a filling or two. We knew that was coming. He'd already had one filling fall out. But other than that, things are looking pretty good. Jakes is up next. He hops up there and the doc takes a look. We briefly discuss Jakes' past encounter with the golf club and how that seems to be progressing. Yay! No worries as of yet, just a bicuspid in earlier than normal. Tenderness on the scar is normal. No cavities, nothing. Phew! Two down, one to go. My Maddie Girl is the last one in the chair. She opens up her mouth and shows her snaggle tooth grin. She is eight, remember? Dox takes a look, sees no cavities and says from what he can see (because she's missing a few front ones still) things are on the up and up.

Can't wait for next month. dun dun dun, my turn..... BLECH!

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