Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Face and a Bloody Nose in the New Year

I cannot believe 2008 is now last year. December seemed to go by so fast. I am now the Mom of an almost teenager. Yep, Chris turned twelve on the first. Soon, he will be shaving. The thought alone makes me cringe and shiver. The boy already has a mustache and has been wanting to shave for a couple of months now but I have been adament in my decision to continually say no. I mean, I'm gonna have to read up on how to teach a twelve year old how to shave off facial hair. Shoot, I still have no clue how to approach the "other" topic needing to be discussed. Even when I figure that one out, I'll still be fighting to keep my cookies in my stomach and not be completely and thoroughly red in the face. Just the other day, he was talking about how he's going to have a whole collection of girlfriends. Two months ago, I would never have pictured him wanting a harem. Now Jacob, I could absolutely picture that. In kindergarten his goal was to kiss NINETY-NINE girls on Valentine's Day. Chris, however, I never woulda thought.

Not sure how I got on that way in left field tangent. Can you tell what's on my mind lately? Anywho, I got a lovely three o'clock in the morning wake up. Poor Jakes is sitting next to me on my "princess" bed with blood all over one side of his face. . So, my bleary eyed self quickly tries to clear the fog from my mind and make sense of his semi-incoherent, half asleep babble. Some time during the course of the night, his nose gushed. No idea why. I clean his face, get him into some clean pajamas, strip the bed of the bloody sheets, get him into my bed and try to go back to sleep. Of course, two hours later the alarm goes off and its time to get up. I DRAAAG my butt out of bed and go directly to the magical machine that feeds my morning monster, aka the coffe maker. A half an hour later, he wakes up all bright eyed and bushy tailed, gets dressed and proceeds to tell me he had a weird dream. Something about us living in Florida and going to the store where all of the items were not on the shelf but piled on the floor instead. And there were people everywhere all confused because nobody knew how much anything cost. Apparently, it abruptly ended right there. Then, on the way to school, he tells Chris and Mads that he woke up feeling like Two Face from Batman because one side of his face felt all gooey and gooshy<~his new word.

Hello Hump Day!!

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